Sunday, 26 August 2012

Camp and Journey down to cork

Sorry i havent posted in ages, last week i was either at my mums/grans/home so i didnt do a post about that since i didnt do anything exciting there and the post would be boring ;) This week i was at a local churchs camp which i really enjoyed. I went to laser quest which id never done before which was really fun and did some sailing on tuesday with the camp which was nice and some spray painting and recording. I miss camp so much :( On friday at half 12 i thought i was going to the last day of camp but as soon as i got in the car my dad said we were going down to cork(5hrs away) so we drove down to dublin then got the train to cork and  stayed over in a hostale and went to a diner for dinner which was amazing, i had burger&chips&coke which were yummy and a oreo cookie milkshake which was amazing. Had breakfast in the hostale which was nice then went to the venue(we went to cork because my sister was fencing down there.)and i went on the computer for most of the time and went out shopping but didnt buy anything although i found lots of clothes that i liked. I went to the park also, i love parks. Then we made our way back home which took about 6 hours so i didnt get home till midnight. Going to something at the local church later too. Dont know what im doing today apart from baking cupcakes. :D
Thats all for now

Saturday, 18 August 2012


  1. On drugs. theyre not good for you but if theyre prescribed then ok.
  2. On gay marriage. in every country it should be allowed
  3. On politics. rubbish.
  4. On kissing randoms at parties. dont really have it if you want
  5. On getting wasted and not remembering nothing. Dont drink alcohol, please.
  6. On bullying. STOP IT!! IT NEEDS TO STOP!!
  7. On religions. Theyre good..they define who you are.
  8. On anorexia and bulimia. disgusting..try to stop it.
  9. On going out a lot (like 3-4 times a week) its alright if its shopping/cinema/bowling etc :)
  10. On sex (in general) never want to have it.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

This week

The blog was set to so only i could view it because we had problems with the new header which are going to be sorted out. The theme that is on the blog now will stay. On wednesday i was at my mums for the day which was alright..i guess. On thursday i went with my sister to see ted at the cinema which didnt go well..we dont get on. Ted was good..funny but sad. On friday i went to the weekly shop with my dad. Yesterday i went to the park then to caffe nero for a yummy chocolate milkshake. Today ive just been on my computer and watching the Community Shield's first match, Chelsea vs Man City. Baking cupcakes later.

I really havent been feeling great recently having trouble breathing, headache for most of the day every day and i get exhausted after doing small things and i jump at small things like the phone ringing or someone knocking on the door. And my dog had to be put down. And my grans going to die soon. And my throat has started to get sore throat and stuff and people that ive told think its glandular fever. My life couldnt get any worse i dont think.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Favourite bedrooms!

This post may sound a bit random but at art therapy i was asked to design my favourite bedroom so i found these pictures from tumblr to help me design my dream bedroom.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Week

On sunday i went into town with my best friend which was great, caffe nero milkshakes are the best. I went on twitter like i usually do and watched some of the olympics and even went for a run before watching tv. On tuesday i watched 3 episodes of glee (season 3) and tidied my room and went to art therapy. Yesterday i wasnt feeling great at all so i didnt do much apart from watching tv. Today my dad was supposed to be away for the whole day but it got cancelled but i spent most of the day on the computer and went outside for a bit and wasnt feeling great again, i got no sleep and i had a banging headache for the whole day. Meant to be going to mcdonalds tomorrow. Things are really difficult for me at the minute with my family and being home alone with my sister for days isnt going well so ive been feeling low, empty and really upset. I take it out by self harming and burning. I really just want to get better, i need to stay strong etc.but IT IS HARD.