Sunday, 12 August 2012

This week

The blog was set to so only i could view it because we had problems with the new header which are going to be sorted out. The theme that is on the blog now will stay. On wednesday i was at my mums for the day which was alright..i guess. On thursday i went with my sister to see ted at the cinema which didnt go well..we dont get on. Ted was good..funny but sad. On friday i went to the weekly shop with my dad. Yesterday i went to the park then to caffe nero for a yummy chocolate milkshake. Today ive just been on my computer and watching the Community Shield's first match, Chelsea vs Man City. Baking cupcakes later.

I really havent been feeling great recently having trouble breathing, headache for most of the day every day and i get exhausted after doing small things and i jump at small things like the phone ringing or someone knocking on the door. And my dog had to be put down. And my grans going to die soon. And my throat has started to get sore throat and stuff and people that ive told think its glandular fever. My life couldnt get any worse i dont think.

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