Sunday, 26 August 2012

Camp and Journey down to cork

Sorry i havent posted in ages, last week i was either at my mums/grans/home so i didnt do a post about that since i didnt do anything exciting there and the post would be boring ;) This week i was at a local churchs camp which i really enjoyed. I went to laser quest which id never done before which was really fun and did some sailing on tuesday with the camp which was nice and some spray painting and recording. I miss camp so much :( On friday at half 12 i thought i was going to the last day of camp but as soon as i got in the car my dad said we were going down to cork(5hrs away) so we drove down to dublin then got the train to cork and  stayed over in a hostale and went to a diner for dinner which was amazing, i had burger&chips&coke which were yummy and a oreo cookie milkshake which was amazing. Had breakfast in the hostale which was nice then went to the venue(we went to cork because my sister was fencing down there.)and i went on the computer for most of the time and went out shopping but didnt buy anything although i found lots of clothes that i liked. I went to the park also, i love parks. Then we made our way back home which took about 6 hours so i didnt get home till midnight. Going to something at the local church later too. Dont know what im doing today apart from baking cupcakes. :D
Thats all for now

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