Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Week

On sunday i went into town with my best friend which was great, caffe nero milkshakes are the best. I went on twitter like i usually do and watched some of the olympics and even went for a run before watching tv. On tuesday i watched 3 episodes of glee (season 3) and tidied my room and went to art therapy. Yesterday i wasnt feeling great at all so i didnt do much apart from watching tv. Today my dad was supposed to be away for the whole day but it got cancelled but i spent most of the day on the computer and went outside for a bit and wasnt feeling great again, i got no sleep and i had a banging headache for the whole day. Meant to be going to mcdonalds tomorrow. Things are really difficult for me at the minute with my family and being home alone with my sister for days isnt going well so ive been feeling low, empty and really upset. I take it out by self harming and burning. I really just want to get better, i need to stay strong etc.but IT IS HARD.

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