Saturday, 18 August 2012


  1. On drugs. theyre not good for you but if theyre prescribed then ok.
  2. On gay marriage. in every country it should be allowed
  3. On politics. rubbish.
  4. On kissing randoms at parties. dont really have it if you want
  5. On getting wasted and not remembering nothing. Dont drink alcohol, please.
  6. On bullying. STOP IT!! IT NEEDS TO STOP!!
  7. On religions. Theyre good..they define who you are.
  8. On anorexia and bulimia. disgusting..try to stop it.
  9. On going out a lot (like 3-4 times a week) its alright if its shopping/cinema/bowling etc :)
  10. On sex (in general) never want to have it.

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