Saturday, 7 July 2012

Holiday so far

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Welcome to my blog for the new viewers and I hope you will come back often.
I hadn't posted in a week so I thought I'd let you know how my holidays going.
A few posts I said I never wanted to go which is true. I arrived here and as soon as I got in to our villa I started crying and for the first few days I had a very bad cold and still do then I started to get bites and lumps. Janet devlin tweeted me and the wanted followed me but with my depression I didn't stay happy for long. I hate it here, all of the horrible memories come back and I don't sleep well here and I still want to go back home but I'm staying strong. I haven't really felt like doing much so I've stayed inside mostly. We would go into town nearly everyday so I've had quite a few chicken soups and pastas. I've been on the dodgems with my dad and sister a few times so my back gets quite sore. I'd started reading the hunger games books and I'm on the second one, I love them!!
That's all for now.
Keep calm and stay strong

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