Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday 01 June.

I got up and got ready for school then had bagels with tuna and sweetcorn in them like i usually do then went to school. Did revision in physics for the exam then in biology we were doing revision(yeah.)then sat in english for 25minutes doing nothing then the teacher took us up to the tennis courts for whole school photograph, I couldnt step backwards on to the level above and i was going to be near the bottom anyway(im 4ft 9..)so i ended up standing beside the people in RECEPTION behind the teachers. Only had about 20minutes of maths..doing revision. French, the teacher was away so we had to go with the PE people and just sat in a classroom then in DOUBLE BIOLOGY!! we did a specimen paper. I came home went on my computer then had fish, peas and rice for dinner wish was really nice..i usually always have pasta. I then went back on my computer and went on tumblr and stuff and i still am.

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