Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Sun Goes Down The Stars Come Out.

Woke up and got ready for school then went to school which i shouldnt have until 11 :/ most people from my year were doing a PE exam so i just sat in the hall for 1hr 10minutes :/ Fun stuff. Then i had a learning for life and work exam then i went home and did nothing, as usual until i had to go to a doctors appointment but i came back and had ice cream :DD and watched tv(glee!) then my mum came, i was supposed to go to st john ambulance division that i usually go to but i hate it there so i got my mum to make me stay at my grans and revise. Ive only started my revision for my gcses yesterday(10th, 11th, 20th june)which i should have started about a month ago, im so dead..i havent done like any of it and i dont know any of it. No facebook/twitter/tumblr for me then.

Well, guess what. Im supposed to be at school now but i came home after my exam to revise at home and my dad bought me lunch for today too because i told him we didnt have to go in. I feel very sick so im going to rest for a bit. When i was walking around the school, it was cloudy, the whole sky was covered in cloud. No sun :( Theres been sun for about a week now. Hence the title. I do love the wanted, one side of my bedroom wall is covered in posters.

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