Monday, 28 May 2012

Day: Past and Present

So yesterday i did art and maths homework and spent most of the day on my computer bored as usual and i went out in the car to places, boring again. Yesterday i felt like.. Just feel so i wanna burst out crying. I feel so worthless.I.WANT.TO.DIE.
In the evening i looked at prom dresses and tops which i couldnt afford! Purely for inspiration.
Today i got up and went to school and sat the french exam which i had to do for half an hour which was easy then i walked home so now im bored on facebook, twitter and tumblr listening to the radio. Need to go revise for biology and physics exam in june. :/ Not really enjoying the nice sunny weather since i hate my legs and have decided to wear trousers and the fact i hate summer and dont want to go on holiday this year. Planning on having a glee season 1 and 2 marathon before i get season 3 on dvd on september 24th.

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